A Presentation by Andrea Arden

Richmond NCGR

December 10, 2016

The Draconic zodiac is derived from the position of the Moon’s North Node, which is traditionally called the “Dragon’s Head” or “Draco.” In a natal chart, Draconic planets show what the incarnating Soul has brought forth from past lives to be experienced or resolved (karma) in the current lifetime. They also represent the events, careers, and relationships the individual experiences on his or her Soul path. There is less free will at this level, so if not well integrated, Draconic positions can also indicate interactions with the “shadow” — the unconscious self that is experienced through interactions with others.

Draconic charts can be used in all astrological techniques, including natal, transits, progressions and directions, solar returns, synastry, and mundane. The usual method for examining Draconic positions is to place them outside the Tropical planets and angles in a bi-wheel chart, paying particular attention to the Draconic planets’ angularity and sign and their aspects to Tropical positions.

Natal Draconic positions frequently show personality traits and vocations that are not well seen in the Tropical chart. Natal inter-aspects between the Draconic and Tropical positions often contain the same planetary aspect patterns found in the natal Tropical charts of the individual’s most significant relationships. Draconic transits, progressions, and directions to both the natal chart Tropical and Draconic positions yield valuable information about the timing of Soul path experiences and spiritual lessons. In synastry, Draconic aspects between charts indicate significant relationships between souls who have come back together to resolve past life issues or do important work together.

The presentation includes instructions for calculating Draconic charts and guidelines for interpreting them. There will be lots of example charts and handouts provided, including a 2016-2017 Draconic ephemeris. Each participant will receive a printed copy of their own natal Draconic chart.  PLEASE NOTE: This event is in the past. To inquire or make an appointment for a Draconic Astrology consultation, please click the button below to submit the contact form on the Connect Page.